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New Patients

dot Do you accept new patients?
Yes, we accept new patients. As a benefit to our patients, our dental practice keeps well abreast of the latest developments in preventive, restorative and cosmetic dentistry.  As leaders in general dentistry we will do everything possible to provide you with the excellence in dental care that you've come to expect and deserve. 
dot What happens on my first visit?
Standard procedures and common sense dictate that a visual exam of a new patient and current x-rays occur before a cleaning is performed.  (See hygiene examination).

We try to get to know you and to become familiar with  your past dental experience, and your present needs and desires.  We discuss the cause of gum disease and dental decay.  We also discuss preventive measures that can improve your dental health.  We complete a dental examination that includes soft tissue exam (oral cancer screening), look at the teeth noting anything wrong with existing restorations or the teeth themselves, evaluate the TMJ (jaw joints), gum tissues and x-rays.   We put this information together and decide on required and desired treatment that best fit your needs and dental health.
dot How do I know what procedure I really need?
We provide a video examination so both the patient and the doctor can review the findings together.  Some conditions are hard to see with the naked eye; however, they can be seen clearly with the assistance of an x-ray.
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